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I've been doing stuff on the web from before the time there was a "web", back when it was USENET and Archie and Veronica and WAIS and Gopher, along with telnetting to random IPs to find BBS's that had just been attached to this "internet" thing. But somehow (mainly through this terrible case of curiousity I have) I've been able to keep up to date on many of the developments in tech since then. I have found memories of the old days. There was a culture of geeks online back then that has mostly died out. It was a grand time, and I'll never forget it. But living in the future is actually pretty awesome, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

As a shout out to my former self:

  Version: 3.12
  GAT d+ s: a+ C+++ UL++++ P+++ L++++ E--- W+++ N++ o K++ w++++
  O M++ V PS++ PE- Y++ PGP+++ t+ 5 X+ R+++ tv-- b++++ DI++ D+
  G++ e++ h--- r+++ y++

This was generated with The Geek Code: online codec in English, French. There's a decoder there as well if you're curious what this is.

I affim my belief in the Oxford comma, two spaces after a stop, and the essential superiority of vi over emacs, although these days I use Visual Studio Code more often than not.